Monday, December 29, 2014

An unassuming box

Box 1While at a flea market in New Bedford with my husband, brother in law and father in law, I stumbled upon an old, discolored, box packed with recipes.

They were clipped from magazines, they were handwritten, they cited which friend or family member gave them to them, they had stars on them if they were a favorite, they had notes scrawled on the back when scrap paper couldn't be found "Dad, Mike called about that truck you wanted".

I was immediately charmed by them, and wanted to cook these recipes, to rebuild this little snapshot of how this family ate during a time in their lives.

I want to find other abandoned recipe boxes that held important family memories, and bring those back into the world.

Box 1Both my husband and brother in law said I should blog about my little, unassuming recipe box and the things I create from its contents. So that's what I will do. Without too much structure, and only with the goal of paying tribute to the forgotten pages, I'll do that here.

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